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At ORBE, we’re dedicated to making people feel well again. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with us and ready to move forward in your treatment process by the end of your consultation.

On this page, you’ll find information relating to your first appointment with ORBE surgeons. We’ve provided this information with the goal of helping you feel informed about your health, and we hope it can help you feel reassured and ready to start your journey toward a solution.

What to bring to your appointment

Please bring the following to your consultation:

  • Your Medicare and/or private health information
  • Your GP referral
  • A list of your current medications (including over-the-counter or herbal medications)
  • Any aiding devices you typically use (glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Mobility aids

For some examinations and procedures, you may be asked to undress for a thorough assessment. Please consider clothing and underwear that make this practical.

To help you feel confident in your decisions, we recommend writing down a list of questions and bringing it to your consultation. Here’s a few that you may want to ask.

  • What are the different approaches or alternatives to my recommended procedure?
  • What are the possible risks and complications?
  • What will happen to me if I don’t have the procedure?
  • How much experience does my ORBE surgeon have in performing this specific procedure?
  • What costs will be involved and what financing options are available?
  • Is a Medicare rebate available for this procedure?
  • What lasting results and/or side effects can I expect?
  • After the procedure, will I need to make any lifestyle modifications or take ongoing medication?

Arriving at your appointment

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early for your first appointment. This allows enough time to complete any patient registration forms in preparation for your appointment.

After you’ve checked in, one of our doctors will escort you to a private room for your consultation.

Your first appointment will usually go for about 20 minutes. In it, your ORBE surgeon will evaluate your health condition, help you to understand your treatment options, and guide you toward the next steps in your treatment plan.

To learn more about surgery with ORBE surgeons, click the button below to visit our dedicated surgery page.

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